The Building Management is an information relay and process between technical equipment and business services. Defining its architecture and selection of underlying solutions requires our attention. We consider in particular the use of open protocols to ensure independence regarding suppliers and product lines, to ensure the technological and functional scalability facilities keeping initial investments. Also, connectivity solutions is essential to natively distribute all information in real time and / or delayed to other applications. A natively connected solution can limit the costs of setting up avoiding n layers of software and multiple stakeholders.
Building control and supervision - Tridium Niagara AX

Certified Integrator, we chose Niagara AX to reduce project costs and future operations by simplifying the design, implementation, maintenance, operation and development of technical systems. More information about btib.fr.
  • A universal and open software platform
  • A simple structure, reliable, decentralized
  • Optimal interoperability based on standards
  • A friendly and intuitive Human Machine Interface
  • Fast programming, object oriented
  • Open development to any specific need
  • A web supervision, remote access without license

  Acquisition and automation - Wago IO System

For the acquisition and relatives of the treatment process, we favor the WAGO-I / O-SYSTEM. Modular, independent of the fieldbus and already widely proven in many applications, it is the ideal fieldbus system for reliable and scalable solution at the best price / quality ratio. More information about wago.com.
  • More than 400 modules available
  • Compactness, flexibility, robustness
  • Support Dali, EnOcean, M-Bus, KNX, LON, SMI, Modbus ...
  • Concepts of control / command adapted
  • Programming with CoDeSys

KNX, the worldwide standard for building management

KNX is supported by more than 250 manufacturers. Over 100,000 buildings are equipped with a KNX installation. This "open" standard allows you to communicate with each other all the facilities of a building. You are free to choose your equipment is not limited to a particular manufacturer and ensured the sustainability of your facilities beyond your technical developments and future development. KNX partnership is subject to training and certification; guaranteeing you a professional implementation of these solutions. More information about knx.fr.


  EnOcean, global standard mondial for last meters radio communication

Wireless, battery-free! That's the promise of this integrated radio technology today in products from over 300 manufacturers. Beyond technological innovation, widespread adoption of EnOcean enables us to take advantage of sensors, sensors, thermostats, actuators and other deployable equipment without work, requiring no maintenance and very competitive prices. Solutions and value-added intelligent building are accessible to all and to all situations. More information about enocean.com.