#NEWS : College Jules Verne, Rivery
Participating in the sustainable development of the Agenda 21 of the General Council of the Somme, the Jules Verne College of Rivery serve as a repository of educational and environmental plan for future college of the Somme. This is the first college to be accredited high environmental quality in the Somme in 2014. We manage all the technical equipment: intelligent lighting, ventilation and heating, energy metering and overall supervision. In total, more than 400 devices are controlled to provide more comfort and optimize energy performance. For this major project, the team is working in parallel to provide all programming and commissioning. The solutions are mainly based KNX Schneider.
House of sustainable development, eco-neighborhood Raquet
This building is a showcase of the current design eco-district by the Community of agglomeration of Douai. We designed and implemented the complete control of building functions: intelligent lighting, heating (urban network), active ventilation (landfills, free cooling ...), security, energy dashboard ... but also the realization of an educational terminal to the public. This kiosk can expose the technical data of the building and to illustrate the benefits of the various functions of intelligent building. The technologies deployed are: PLC WAGO IO750, terminal equipment KNX, M-Bus, Modbus, EnOcean, multimedia terminal Lifedomus.
Point of goods withdrawal, Ikea Lomme
The Ikea Lomme has expanded with the establishment of a separate area of ​​withdrawal orders. This building includes both a logistics warehouse area and a public reception area. We have designed and built the global solution of technical management: management and supervision of all equipment, lighting, heating, energy metering, fault and signals ... The technologies are: PLC Wago IO750, Modbus terminal equipment, PCVue supervision.
IBM Datacenter, Marcq-en-Baroeul
Here we have resumed and extended the use of existing solutions. This is to control all the technical equipment related to air conditioning, electrical installations and energy metering. In addition to the automation and local supervision, we have integrated all the technical information to the remote management of the operator, Cofely. The technologies deployed are: PLCs Tridium Jace, LON Modbus and field equipment, supervision Niagara AX, COFREL gateway.
Hotel du Parc, Chantilly
The Hotel du Parc Chantilly is a very qualitative Best Western has recently completely refurbished its reception area (lobby, bar, conference rooms, dining room ...). We are responsible for the multiroom sound solution (several sources and its several areas), land use areas of video, and all the lights. The lighting, sophisticated, active in the atmosphere. The solutions implemented are the oversight Lifedomus and a selection of KNX equipment; and the sound equipment and video projection which are fully controllable.
Arras Maxei
Global market leader, Arras MAXEI designs and manufactures machines and equipment for electrical power industries including the windings sector. We designed and implemented a complete management solution and heating supply facilities monitoring for offices and workshops. The technologies are mainly EnOcean kind. Supervision is type Tridium Niagara.
Nursing Gouvieux
For this nursing home with 42 rooms spread over 4 buildings, we completed the technical management of lighting, motorized shutters and doors, as well as sick alerts. The specificity of this mission is the integration of controls in each room at the wall switches but also t?l?th?ses sick. All rooms are well controllable from the remote wheelchairs; which contributes to the autonomy of each resident. The solutions are mainly type KNX.
Energy supervision, Institut Polytechnique Lasalle
Set on 10 hectares and comprising nine remote buildings for over 1,000 student housing, the institute provides training to the Bachelor Degree in agriculture, food processing, food-health, environment and geology. We have designed and built an extensive network of energy metering supplying energy supervision. This allows a detailed analysis of consumption of the campus and provides decision support in building equipment choices. The specificity of the project lies particularly in its design and reporting of field communications over a dedicated IP network infrastructure. Field technologies KNX and Modbus, supervision is Vertelis Portal (Socomec).
Urbawood HEI Lille, global innovation
Urbawood is an innovative project of commercial building 100% wood, oriented sustainable development, born of Gerim association, Nacarat and Design Construction Wood. This solution has built 2600m? in 6 weeks, 100% Natural, Sustainable Development, Standard BBC. In this context, we have implemented the overall technical management (lighting, heating, ventilation and counting) and integrated this set to the remote supervision of our partner Effigenie. the solutions are the Tridium Jace controller, field devices KNX, Modbus, MBus and comunication in WebServices to supervision EffiPilote on the Internet.
Eau Zone Spa,relaxation areas
Eau Zone Spa is a unique wellness center chain offering luxurious private spaces that combine spa, sauna, hammam and personal video projection (www.eauzone-spa.com). Two spaces exist today on Lille. We are responsible for overall management of the equipment. In particular, we automated the entire maintenance of spas and managed fine ventilation. Finally, we designed and implemented the video projection solution driven tablet in each room. KNX technology in particular.
We can not describe here all our missions. We were brought to work in the data center Leroy Merlin, for Marotte 5 * hotel of Amiens for the college Ponthieu Abbeville, for Hotelliere ESH Lille school, for kindergarten Vauchelles for a entire Paris office, for a villa of 1200m2 in the PACA region, for a care center of Lille ... Our areas of expertise are diverse, and that's what we like! etcetera